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Some Facts About the Weight Loss Shot

Facts About the Weight Loss

It’s something of a holy grail for dieters the world over. What if I could just stop being hungry, get some vitamins, and feel an energy boost without resorting to the various foodstuffs and energy drinks that actually help pollute our bodies and make us fat?

The Weight Loss Shot can help with all of these things. In fact, the weight loss bit is just the headline; but it’s important, so let’s look at that aspect first.

Weight loss is accomplished through a combination of eating the right stuff, burning off energy through exercise, and managing your metabolic rate. A higher metabolic rate will burn off more of the energy that food provides rather than storing it as fat.

The Vitenas Weight Loss shot provides the body with vital vitamin B compounds whilst helping to boost energy levels and accelerate the metabolism, which can reduce your craving for carbohydrates and reduce weight gain.

Actually getting the weight off, and keeping it off, is a lifestyle choice.

On the other hand, helping you to recover from surgery (when physical activity will take a hit) and restoring the balance of vitamins in your body, is an important part of the Weight Loss Short, and general good health.

Vitamin B is destroyed by nicotine, alcohol, caffeine and refined sugars. A lack of Vitamin B can lead to all manner of health problems, from insomnia and general lethargy through to tinnitus and even skin lesions.

So, as part of your drive to look your best, the Weight Loss Shot, combined with other non-invasive procedures, can help you go from looking just good to great! And, as a bonus, you’ll also feel at your best.

A few vital points to note – this is an injection, delivered in the office at your convenience, with no downtime or anesthesia, and it takes about five minutes. The feeling of wellbeing should start immediately, and a weekly dose is recommended.

It might sound like a magic bullet, but should be used within the context of a sensible lifestyle. This doesn’t mean staying away from all your vices, just keeping them to a manageable level. That way, you’ll get the best from this amazing cocktail of goodness.

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