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Could Your Partner Use a Little Nip-Tuck? Maybe You Could Too

Houston Little Nip-TuckHow would you react if your partner said that they thought you would benefit from cosmetic surgery? In the UK, it seems the answer is overwhelmingly negative. While a reported 25% of men thought that their female partners needed a bit of nip and tuck, only 12% of those would ever actually say anything. Wise move, men.

Of course, there are subtle (well, sublte-ish) ways to get the point across – from giving your partner vouchers to leaving leaflets lying around – but it takes a brave man to suggest that his girlfriend needs bigger breasts. After all, there is the danger that she might just think it’s for his benefit!

Breast enhancement is not the only popular procedure, however; liposuction is pretty popular too. And not just as a way for their partners to look a little more in shape. Men are also undergoing cosmetic procedures such as liposuction themselves. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, there were 22,914 liposuction procedures performed on male patients in 2012. Many of them weren’t the lazy kind looking for a quick fix, either. No, they’re alpha males who want a six pack!

They’re also looking for eyelid surgery and nose jobs. Not to look more attractive (at least, not only to look more attractive), but to look less stressed as well. It seems logical that there’s a kind of competition to work the most and look the most relaxed while doing it, and surgery is helping men stay looking fresh whilst they’re working all hours in a highly competitive workplace.

Finally, there’s also been a 5% hike in breast reduction surgery for men since 2011. This can be attributed to a number of factors, including better awareness of the techniques, and perhaps a sprinkling of additional vanity.

So, any men who look at their partner, be they male or female, and think that they might benefit from some cosmetic surgery would do well to turn the mirror on themselves. If they do that, then not only does the subject become less taboo in the couple, but one might also fine that a little bit of cosmetic adjustment goes a long way to helping you feel better about yourself.

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