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Botox Cosmetic is the most popular non-invasive cosmetic procedure today, producing the best wrinkle fighting results available. There were over 6.1 million Botox procedures in the United States last year, a rise of almost 8%, contributing to the overall increase in all cosmetic procedures during 2011. While wrinkle-reducing injectables are on the rise, not every provider is qualified to perform Botox. Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery is the best cosmetic surgeon in the Houston area, and has been ranked once of the nation’s top Botox Cosmetic providers.

What Botox Does

Botox Cosmetic can remove Frown Lines – those pesky 11’s between the eyebrows, deep creases in the forehead, Crow’s Feet, and Lip Stick Lines. Botox injections can smooth the face, rejuvenating the appearance and bringing back a youthful, refreshed look. The effects of aging, sun damage, and stress can leave the face with lines and wrinkles, deep creases, and sunken features. Botox Cosmetic is the best at dramatically improve the signs of aging, even taking years off of the appearance.

How Botox Works

Botox Cosmetic, or Botulinum Toxin A, temporarily paralyzes the muscles of a targeted area, relaxing the facial creases. Injections take only minutes in the office; although full results take up to three weeks to appear and last from three to four months. Remember, if you are unhappy with your Botox results, you will have to wait this long for them to subside. Make sure you get your injections from a top Cosmetic Surgeon with specialized Botox Cosmetic training. Never use a ‘bargain Botox’ provider or a Botox ‘pop-up’ shop.

Our Surgeon

When it comes to your appearance, there is no substitute for the best; therefore it is vital to put your trust in someone with extensive experience and specialized training. Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery is Houston’s top Botox Cosmetic provider. Board Certified by the American Society for Facial Plastic Surgery, Dr. Paul Vitenas has been providing the very best in cosmetic surgery procedures for over 22 years and is consistently named one of Houston’s Top Docs.

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Pearland is only 6 miles away from Houston’s best Botox Cosmetic provider. Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery is located on Astoria Boulevard, adjacent to our well-appointed office suite, off I45 South. Patients can visit stop by our office for Botox Cosmetic services and be out in about 15 minutes, back in the comfort of their own home in less than 10 minutes more. If your thinking Botox, think getting the best, visit Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery.

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