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A Cosmetic Surgery Review

Houston, American Society of Plastic SurgeonsEach year, the ASPS (American Society of Plastic Surgeons) releases a wealth of statistics for us all to peruse. Sometimes they’re interesting, sometimes less so. In 2012, for example cosmetic surgery procedures increased by 5% – that’s more than retail sales, but less than home sales, and substantially less than car sales which rose by a whopping 13%.

So, is your body more important than your clothes, but less so than your house or car? You be the judge: there were 14 million surgical procedures performed, and 14 million cars sold, but only 5 million houses.

Cosmetic procedures have also risen by… wait for it… 98% since the year 2000!

The biggest gains have been seen in arm lifts for both men and women, and male breast reduction. In fact, even though women still have the lion’s share of the market (some 87%), men are taking their bodies more seriously, and gaining, albeit slowly.

At the same time, breast augmentation in women is down 7% from 2011, nose reshaping has held steady, and liposuction has seen a slight fall. These are all still in the top 5, however, as are the two big gainers – eyelid surgery and full facelifts.

Over on the men’s team, nose jobs are down, as is liposuction, and eyelid surgery is a little up. They’re still the top three procedures, although breast reduction is catching up. Facelifts still remain very much in last place among the top 5.

But, the big story is Botox.

For both men and women, it’s up 8% since 2011, and a record number of treatments were performed in 2012. This could be due to a number of things – suggestions have been that celebrities have brought it to the fore, or that people’s self-image is changing as real time mobile video communication becomes ever more popular.

Add to that the “Twitter effect”, not to mention all those selfies on Facebook, and it’s clear to see that, largely thanks to its lower price point, Botox (along with other injectables) is a popular choice for those wanting a quick and easy improvement.

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