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A Guide to Breast and Other Implants

Breast and Other Implants

Of course, we all know about breast implants, or at least have heard of them, but until you actually start researching or talking with a surgeon like Dr. Vitenas, it’s difficult to imagine exactly what breast augmentation surgery entails. And, it probably surprises a lot of people that there are other kinds of implants available, too, for other areas of the body that might benefit from a little lift or shaping.

There are several types of breast implant on the market, and they essentially break down into categories based on what they contain, and what shape they are. There are saline and silicone implants, for example, each containing a neutral solution based on ingredients that, should a rupture ever occur, the body will absorb and excrete with no further complications than a little deflation.

The breast implant revision procedure was designed to tackle this unlikely occurrence, as well as other possible side effects of the original surgery, such as scar tissue building up in the wrong areas or badly positioned implants.

Related to this, there is the implant exchange procedure which is used to replace existing implants with others of a different size, shape, or feeling. There are a few different shapes on the market, each with quite specific design goals. There are naturally shaped teardrop implants, for example, and others that are designed to feel as natural as possible.

However, it’s not just about breasts. These days, as technology advances and people’s attitudes to cosmetic surgery relax, they have started to look around at other possibilities to bring their body shape ever closer to perfection, and implants can be used to great effect.

Some Other Implants

The chin implant is used to enhance the shape of the chin, often as a way to balance out the effect of a rhinoplasty. The two are often combined as maintaining the symmetry of the face is important in achieving Dr. Vitenas’ trademark natural looking results. It can also be used effectively with other facial surgery procedures to help restore a youthful appearance, or to merely add strength to a person’s face.

Similarly, the calf implant is used to sculpt the lower leg, and restore a fullness to it that can be lost as the body ages. Again, it’s about balancing the appearance (this time of the lower leg against the  upper leg) and restoring a kind of natural symmetry to the body.

These are two of the most common types of implant, and are usually carried out using a solid silicone implant. However, there is another solution, which uses the body’s own material as a basis for sculpting the area concerned – fat transfer.

Fat Transfer – The Natural Implant!

The aim of fat transfer is pretty simple : take fat from an area of the body where it’s not wanted (i.e. those problem areas such as the tummy, hips or inner thighs) and relocate it somewhere more useful. Exactly where the fat will end up depends on where you agree, with Dr. Vitenas, that you could use a little more volume.

Conceivably, that could be almost anywhere but there are specific procedures such as the Brazilian Butt Lift which use fat transfer to perk up areas that might be starting to sag a little. The calf area can also benefit from fat grafting, rather than using silicone implants, and, oddly, some facial procedures use fat grafting to replace lost tissue and help smooth out wrinkles.

To find out more about the possibilities of using implants to sculpt your body, or for combining fat removal with fat transfer, the team at Houston based Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery can be reached at (281) 484-0088.