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A New Revolution in Bra Sizing

Bra Sizing in HoustonWho came up with the new bra sizing and why?

Jockey, known for producing classic intimate apparel for both men and women, has spent the last eight years perfecting what it now calls “a revolutionary new bra fitting system”. The company has seen first-hand the confusion women experience over their bra size, especially when going from one brand to another. It is noted that up to 85% of ladies are actually wearing the incorrect bra size. Jockey makes the point that cup sizes are actually just a marketing tool – not a representation of a real physical measurement; so they decided it was time for a change.

Instead of the age-old bra sizes, Jockey has dumped the A/B/C/D cup rankings, using only their new Volumetric Fit System. Bra sizes will now run 1-10, which attempts to measure the actual volume of a woman’s breasts, as well as the exact under-breast measurement. They assure customers this will result in the perfect fitting bra for each individual woman. All of Jockey’s bras are wire free and come in five different styles. The fitting kit can be purchased online and costs the standard ‘as seen on TV’ price of $19.99, the bra is sold separately. So far, no other retailers have shown any interest in changing up their sizing systems.

Does this affect how breast implants are sized?

Definitely not – it just creates even more confusion for women looking into breast augmentation. It is very common for someone to come into the cosmetic surgeon’s office with the request of “going up to a large C cup” or “adding two cup sizes”. The reality is, a breast implants is sized by the volume of fluid it contains or CC, not by the new cup size bra it will need. Measuring implants by CC allows implants to be extremely customizable, providing an almost endless choice of size and shape. Depending on the existing natural breast tissue and a woman’s individual body shape, the resulting cup size may vary from person to person.

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