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Aesthetics of an Athlete: The Latest Trend in Breast Reduction

Breast Reduction, HoustonMost athletes will do anything to dominate their sport.  Their regime can include long hours of training, few hours of sleep, and insane eating habits.  A new trend for grabbing the competitive edge, though, has female athletes turning to their cosmetic surgeons.  More and more curvaceous women are undergoing a Breast Reduction to sculpt their body to a smaller, more athletic build.  The advantages of a small chest for an athlete are simply too great to overlook.

Recently, tennis great Simona Halep made international headlines for disclosing her choice to go under the knife.  Seeking relief from a large chest that caused discomfort and pain during a match, Simona made the life-changing decision.  Faster, stronger, and more comfortable moving around the court, she could not be more happy with the results.  Megan Greenwell, senior editor at ESPN magazine commented, “I think she really caused a breakthrough, where all of a sudden this was not a taboo topic.  When you see people at the highest levels talking openly about (a sports’ related breast reduction), the floodgates open for people to discuss the real issues.”  Some supported her decision; of course, there were a few of those who did not.  As with any seemingly new idea for women, this is not surprising.

The issue Ms. Greenwell speaks about is actually nothing new; large breasts are known to cause discomfort for female athletes during their workouts and game-play.  Whether its marathon running, basketball, or even softball, a large chest will bounce and pull.  Even the best sports bra cannot eliminate the tenderness and ache that result from any exercise or activity.  The Breast Reduction provides relief from an uncomfortable chest and provides women an increased ability to push themselves to the physical limit.

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