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Arm and Back Lifts for the Ultimate Bikini Body

Arm and Back Lifts

We spend a lot of time worrying about how we look from the front, probably because it’s the bit we see most often. But sometimes, we neglect the view from behind. We’re not talking about the obvious “behind” but the slightly less obvious though just as conspicuous areas of the upper arms and lower to mid back.

What’s also forgotten is that attention to these areas can actually have a subtle effect on the view from the front, too, for example by fixing the silhouette to give you a more flattering shape, or helping upper arm definition by removing skin and fat from where it’s not needed.

The latter is what brachioplasty, or arm lift, is designed to fix. It’s perfect for people who have lost a lot of weight, leaving behind skin that lacks elasticity, and thus affects the shape of the entire upper arm.

The arm-lift procedure starts with an incision running from the armpit to the elbow. This might sound a bit drastic, but as long as the post-procedure care patterns are followed, the scarring will be minimal, and partially hidden by the location of the incision itself.

Fatty deposits are then removed, along with any excess skin, and the upper arm sculpted to look as perfectly natural as possible. Dr. Vitenas also recommends that some patients receive liposuction simultaneously to help remove stubborn fatty deposits and get the best results from the procedure.

Tidying up these areas is only part of the story, however, as there is also a lot that can be done to complement the improved look of your arms and help them blend more naturally with the rest of your body.

Don’t Neglect Your Back

The back lift is designed to contour the back and provide a slim, natural-looking waistline and often provides results that are otherwise impossible. As a skilled, experienced surgeon, Dr. Vitenas is one of a select number technically skilled enough to provide this specialized service.

There are two areas that can be sculpted — the upper back and lower back — and Dr. Vitenas will help the patient to choose the most appropriate mix to achieve the desired outcome. Again, for those worrying about scarring, the two incisions that are made are designed to be concealed below the bra strap (for the upper back lift) and bikini line (for the lower back lift).

As long as the recovery period and after-care instructions are followed, there should be very little residual scarring. Again, the procedure concentrates on removing unwanted fat and skin to sculpt the contours of the back, slim the waist, and lift the buttocks.

While neither of these procedures is a quick fix, the results are long lasting, and can be combined with other lifts to enhance the end result.

Combination Procedures

For example, a back lift is often combined with a body lift. This combination can also help deal with any rapid weight loss that the patient has experienced as they ready themselves for the beach season.

There are a lot of positives to combining procedures, once you have committed to surgery as a way to achieve a more perfect body, it seems like a good opportunity to make the most of it and have a few procedures performed at the same time. Often, the recovery care and periods are roughly equivalent, so it makes sense to reduce downtime as far as possible by combining procedures.

Dr. Vitenas prides himself on achieving natural-looking results, so don’t worry about looking overdone, even after multiple procedures. There are plenty of examples of results achieved by Dr. Vitenas on the website.

Once you have a better understanding of all the possibilities, Vitenas Cosmetic surgery can be reached on (281) 484-0088, for specific questions, and to book that all-important first appointment. It is at that appointment that Dr. Vitenas will run through your expectations, and his vision, so that you can agree on the best way to achieve a body that you are relaxed about and proud to show off.