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Top Reasons to Avoid Cheap Plastic Surgery

Cheap Plastic Surgery?

With the rise in popularity of cosmetic and plastic surgery, and looking around at the number of your peers who have gone under the knife, there’s a temptation to jump on the bandwagon coupled with peer pressure.

After all, all your friends look so good now, thanks to a little judicious nip and tuck, and you could swear that half of your male colleagues are having regular Botox injections, while the other half are getting laser treatments or at least a lunchtime peel.

Outdoing them could be expensive, unless you opt for a cheaper option…

Supply and Demand Leads to Cheap Cosmetic Surgery

It’s a fact of life. As soon as something becomes popular, there are people who get into it looking to make a quick profit on the back of extravagant promises that don’t always materialize. If that’s an eBay antique table, it’s only money down the drain.

If it’s your face, then the stakes are quite a bit higher. And there’s the first reason to avoid cheap plastic surgery: there’s a chance that you’ll get a botched job. So, if you can’t afford a quality, reputable surgeon working with the most high tech equipment available, look for another option or wait until you can.

There is always something you can do that won’t cost the Earth, and will go some way to giving you the result that you’re after – from fillers to peels and more.

Cheap Is Not Always Cheap

The second reason to justify spending more on quality cosmetic surgery procedures is to reduce the possibility of revision surgery in the future. Revision surgery takes place to correct a previous procedure.

That might not be because you are unhappy with the initial result; it may be that the quality of the surgery was not quite good enough to stand the test of time. Over the years, your body will undergo a fair amount of abuse, and any surgery needs to be able to withstand it.

As do any implants used. Reason number three, then, is to avoid cheap implants. These are not just used in breast surgery, but also in rhinoplasty (nose jobs) surgery, and even chin and cheek surgery. They need to be high quality, and that implies a certain price tag.

Skimping on them to keep costs down will only store up trouble for the future.

Coupled with surgical skill and implants used, is our fourth reason why cheap surgery is cheap, and best avoided, is that it tends to assume that one approach fits everyone. The result is that the surgeon uses the same approach and dimensions for each patient.

However, every nose, cheek, chin, ear and body is different, and Dr. Vitenas prides himself in being able to provide a real improvement, whilst also retaining the natural look of each patient. That skill may cost a little more, but the end result is well worth the additional investment.

Cheap Surgery Implies Cheap Care

One of the reasons that cosmetic surgery tends to be expensive is because of all the support services. Dr. Vitenas’ web site has a list of services that contribute to the price, and they include:

  • the surgeon
  • operating room and staff
  • hospital grade after-care

Dr. Vitenas also includes the price of pre- and post-operative visits for life in his pricing, which implies a high level of care. Our final reason for avoiding cheap plastic surgery is simple – you get what you pay for in terms of care.

Low Cost Alternatives to Cheap Plastic Surgery

There are three options – do nothing, do it cheaply, or choose a less expensive alternative – so rather than just resigning yourself to cheap plastic surgery, how about considering some excellent value, low-cost alternatives?

For example, if you would like a nose job but surgery seems like an expensive option, then ask your surgeon about the various injectable fillers that are available. In many cases, regular filler injections can produce a noticeable and pleasing immediate effect!

Fillers can also be used in other places where you might be considering surgery, too, including the face and body. In cases where surgery is designed for its rejuvenating effect (i.e. reducing or removing wrinkles), fillers such as Perlane can be especially effective, and far cheaper than the traditional facelift, which, if done badly, can lead to many undesirable side effects.

Finally, while you’re tweaking your appearance with small, affordable changes, you can also be saving up for the main event – your first cosmetic surgery procedure!

For more advice on cosmetic surgery, and non-invasive options for rejuvenation and aesthetic correction as well as all aspects of plastic surgery and anti-aging treatments, Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery, based in Houston, Texas, can be reached at (281) 484-0088.