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Balancing the Face With a Chin Augmentation

Chin Augmentation

One of the key considerations that Dr. Vitenas has when considering surgical options for a patient is how to retain the natural balance of the face and respect each patient’s individuality and ethnicity. It is important that the result not look over-operated or constructed in such a way as to give the impression that a correction has taken place.

Balancing the face can often be achieved with implants or fillers. The chin augmentation is a good example of a procedure that is intended to tackle the issue of facial balance.

For those who have looked in the mirror and thought to themselves that their face would benefit from a stronger chin, it is the perfect solution. However, it is also commonly used in other ways, too, as part of a combination surgery aimed at creating a more balanced face.

Combination Surgery

One of the most common combinations is to strengthen the facial features by performing a rhinoplasty, and then balancing that with a chin augmentation. It isn’t merely a case of needing to do one because he is doing the other, the combination produces the natural balance that represents the best aesthetic result for that specific patient.

Given that there are many shapes and sizes of silicone implant available to Dr. Vitenas, he can create a natural result every time to produce a properly balanced face. The surgery itself is not particularly complicated, and should not leave any visible scarring. There are two possible locations for the incision — inside the mouth (lower lip) or in the crease of the chin, both of which offer excellent results.

The recovery time is typically three to five days for the initial return to work, and then upwards of four weeks for complete recovery. Patients should note that due to the possibility of restricted movement in the lower face and chin, they may need to adapt their diet to prevent damage during the healing process and make eating more comfortable.

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