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Beautiful Necks Aren’t Just for Swans

Fixing an Aging Neck

The neck tends to age a bit faster than the rest of the body. Any changes in weight or body fat will show up first, and most markedly, around the neck area. One of the issues is that the so-called platysmal bands lose their elasticity, become flaccid, and cause sagging.

The sagging then pulls down the skin, and some of the lower face along with it, which adds to the general appearance of age. Since the facial skin is also losing its elasticity and becoming more lax, it begins to droop, too, and causes jowls to form.

This can be such a gradual process that you don’t really notice it until it’s too late — or at least time to address it. Dr. Vitenas has a procedure to help mitigate the effect of each of the issues caused by the aging process.

For example, where there is excess fat, Dr. Vitenas recommends Liposuction. This is especially effective in younger patients where the skin will spring back and restore a sculpted look to the neck. To enhance the effect, excess skin can also be removed. Neck liposuction can also be combined with other surgical and non-surgical procedures in cases where the muscle is also starting to relax.

Beyond Liposuction

If liposuction on its own isn’t enough, Dr. Vitenas can combine it with a procedure known as a Submentoplasty which addresses slack in the platysma muscle. For people in the early stages of skin laxity, it is the perfect combination of a platysmaplasty, liposuction and cervical lipectomy, which involves removing cervical fat via a small incision.

The platysmaplasty is also known as a neck lift, although many people tend to use the term to cover the rejuvenation of the neck via any of the above means. It can help anyone suffering from the various telltale signs of the aging process. Dr. Vitenas’sphotogallery shows neck lift before-and-after photos so that you can see the results of this combination procedure.

The recovery from the procedure isn’t as long as many others, but does come with some swelling and bruising. The pain that accompanies it can be managed with medication, but it can take up to 10 days before the patient can resume full daily activities.

To see how Dr. Vitenas can help you, his Houston based practice, can be reached at (281) 484-0088, where you can book a complimentary consultation to help you decide if a neck lift is the right procedure for you. In the initial consultation, Dr. Vitenas will work through his own expectations and match them as far as possible with your own aesthetic goals. To help determine how best to communicate these, it would be helpful to take a look at Dr. Vitenas’ website and familiarize yourself with the procedure ahead of time.