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The Hand Fat Transfer

Everyday, our hands taking a beating.  It is inevitable that soap, chemicals, cold weather, and repetitive movements will take their toll.  Eventually, the skin may become lax, fine lines develop, and age spots appear.  Fat stores are naturally depleted as we age, as well, which can lead to bony appendages with unattractive, visible veins.  The point is, hands can give away a woman’s age faster than anything on the body.  Once their appearance has started to fade, no lotion or cream can turn back the hands of time.

One of the most beneficial and rejuvenating procedures for the hands today is the Fat Transfer.  Using excess tissue from elsewhere on the body, the Fat Transfer will plump the hand, restoring a youthful contour.  By adding the volume around the back of the hand, veins will no longer ‘pop out’, dramatically improving their look.

To perform a Hand Fat Transfer, excess fatty tissue is removed from a donor area on the body, such as the thighs or stomach, using a suction cannula.  This tissue is processed, and the prepared fat cells are then injected, with a very small needle, into the back of the hand.  The Fat Transfer is tailored to each patient; Dr. Vitenas will sculpt the hand with an appropriate curvature and smoothness to fit the needs of the individual.  Since a patient’s own cells are used, there is very little risk involved with the procedure.

Benefits of a Hand Fat Transfer:

  • Immediate results
  • Rejuvenated fullness to the back (Dorsal) portion of the hand
  • Healthily plumping the hollow areas
  • Visually improving the appearance of thinning skin
  • Long-lasting improvements

The injected fat cells adhere to existing cells in the hand, and continue to thrive as living tissue.  No need to cross your fingers for long lasting improvements; the benefits from a Fat Transfer are permanent.  Fresh fat cells will develop around the new tissue, maintaining younger looking hands for years to come.

Let Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery explain your choices for a hand rejuvenation.  Call our office at 713.484.0088 to set up a consultation appointment with Dr. Vitenas.  We’re sure you’ll give the Hand Fat Transfer a ‘thumbs up’!