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2012’s Celebrity Cosmetic Surgery Inspiration: Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton Cosmetic Surgery Inspiration, Houston TXIs it Scarlett Johansson’s breasts?  Is it Katie Holmes’ chin?  How about Mila Kunis’ eyes?  Not in 2012; this past year, the most requested celebrity body part has royal roots.  While her sister, Pippa, has a bum that envied across the globe, it is Kate Middleton’s nose that has been most requested in plastic surgery procedures over the last 12 months.

The Duchess of Cambridge has been the center of a media-frenzy, ever since the future King of England slipped a wedding ring on her finger two years ago.  From playing soccer with orphaned children to shopping at the market, Kate’s picture is constantly being snapped and scrutinized around the world.  Lucky for her, Princess Kate is a natural beauty, looking amazing whatever she’s doing.  A stunning body, sharp sense of fashion, and feminine features make her looks a serious source of envy.

This is not the first time a set of nostrils has been the most prized celebrity appendage.  Previous years have seen Natalie Portman, Emma Stone, and Nicole Kidman’s nose at the top of the list.  Theirs is the best of the best, characterized by a straight bridge and button-like tip; proportionate with the size and shape of the face.  These traits make Kate Middleton’s nose makes the perfect muse for blepharoplasty on both sides of the pond.

Men have their celebrity inspirations, as well.  Ryan Gosling has the best lips, Ashton Kutcher has the best cheekbones, and Zac Efron has the most sought after hair and eyes.  Twilight’s Robert Pattinson holds the honor of the most requested jawline and chin.  But no matter the latest fad or trend, noses are continually the part to duplicate; in 2012 men have been focusing on the sniffers of Ben Affleck and Josh Duhamel.  The bottom line, male or female, everyone wants a nose that looks natural and compliments their features.