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Most Desired Celebrity Body Parts of 2011

Celebrity bodies are undeniably hot. Whether it’s a combination of hard work, a great cosmetic surgeon, or maybe a deal with the devil – they find a way to look breathtakingly gorgeous. So what celebrity body parts were most requested in the cosmetic surgeon’s office over 2011?

Lips – You guessed it, Angelina Jolie’s perfect pucker is the most sought after celebrity smile, year after year. Luscious, full lips are so sexy.

Nose – Emma Stone and Nicole Kidman hold the honor of the nicest nose – at least the most requested by women in 2011. Cute as a button, Emma and Nicole’s stunning sniffer match their facial features perfectly.

Eyes – From an eyelift to Latisse for the lashes – women will do anything for beautiful, younger looking eyes. Jennifer Aniston and Keira Knightly have the most wished for peepers; they are bright, yet smoldering and seductive.

Abs – Fergie and Cameron Diaz had the most sensational six-packs of the season. Many a Tummy Tuck or Mommy Makeovers this year had these two celebrity’s abs in mind.

Booty – The Butt-Lift is becoming one of the hottest cosmetic surgery procedures, in-part to the dazzling derrières of Jennifer Lopez and Beyoncé. These bountiful bottoms were the main inspiration for 2011’s many buttock implants.

Breasts – Scarlet Johansen, Katy Perry, and Jessica Simpson have two things in common, spectacular breasts. Voluptuous and perky, these were the ta-ta’s that motivated multitudes of women to come in for a breast augmentation this past year.

Men – Hey the men request things, too! Mark Wahlberg and Channing Tatum have the most wanted abs and Ryan Gosling has the most requested eyes. Move over ladies, time to share a seat at the cosmetic surgeon’s office with the boys.

These celebrity bodies can provide you with an idea of what you want, before walking into the doctor’s office. Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery offers a complementary consultation prior to your procedure, so you will have a chance to discuss your goals, the perfect procedure for your body type, and the anticipated outcome. Call us at 281.484.0088 to set up your first appointment.