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Fixing Lost Facial Volume

Fixing Lost Facial Volume in HoustonAs we age, there is a natural loss of facial volume.  The thinning dermal layer can make the areas under the eyes appear hallow, cheeks become sunken, and the contours of the face become shallow.  The results are a haggard look that makes us seem years older than we really are.

Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery has a variety of amazing, non-surgical facial fillers that should become every woman’s best friend.  Injectable gel fillers such as Restylane, Juvederm Injectable Gel, and Radiesse can add volume to the cheeks, improve deep folds between the corner of the nose and mouth, and add volume to your lips.  These are relatively painless, take only minutes in the exam room, and can last from six to ten months.  This type of facial filler provides some of the most affordable improvements for the thinning face.

Another innovative injectable on the market is Sculptra Aesthetic.  This volumizing product is injected much deeper into the face than the other facial fillers.  Sculptra Aesthetic actually stimulates the production of collagen and fibrous tissue growth.  The results are not immediate; they develop over several months after the treatment, but the improvements lasts two years or longer.  Sculptra Aesthetic usually requires several in-office treatments, depending on the desired effect.

Fat injections are one of the newer and most popular choices to fill out facial features.  Performed either under local or general anesthesia, fat is actually removed from an area of the body, such as the stomach, and then injected into areas of the face that need volume.  Fat injections can provide long-term, natural looking results that have the potential to last for years. The injections can even enhance the blood circulation in the tissues, providing a healthier appearance.

Aging gracefully is a state of mind – and best to keep in mind all of the wonderful things that Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery can do for you.  A visit to our office can have you looking refreshed and years younger.  During your complementary consultation, we will explain all of your facial filler options and help you select the procedure that is right for you.