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We Just ‘Nose’ They Had Work Done!

Houston Rhinoplasty SpecialistWhen Alexa Ray Joel debuted her new album on the Today show, she was almost unrecognizable.  The 26 year old daughter of Christy Brinkley and Bill Joel looked beautiful: big brown eyes, creamy olive skin, and feminine features.  Noticeably missing from her profile was the overwhelming, bulbous nose; the one inheritance from her father Alexa decided she could do without.

Alexa is not alone; her recent rhinoplasty has put her in company with many of Hollywood’s elite.  Meagan Fox, who recently had a son with Brian Austin Green, had her nose shaped to better match her sultry beauty.  Nicki Minaj took advantage of the softer, more sculpted nose her cosmetic surgeon could provide her, back before we ever knew her name.  Mrs. Ryan Reynolds, aka Blake Lively, possesses one of Los Angeles’ most profound celebrity nasal transformations.  When comparing her first films to her more recent roles, Blake can be seen going from a cute girl with a doughy sniffer, to a sexy woman with an incredibly slender and shapely nose.

Rhinoplasty, the art of nose restructuring and rebuilding, has been around since the Roman Empire.  Today, over 255,000 rhinoplasties are performed every year in the United States.  Not only is Rhinoplasty one of the most popular procedures for adults, ‘nose jobs’ are the most common cosmetic surgery procedure approved for teens.  Each year, approximately 30,000 rhinoplasty procedures are performed on patients ranging from 13-19 years old.

More often than not, a rhinoplasty is performed for aesthetic reasons.  The results from the surgery can be dramatic: a nose that proportionately fits the face, is natural in appearance, and enhances the other facial features.  Rhinoplasty is usually performed as an outpatient procedure, so patients are allowed to rest in the comfort of their own home.  After about a week of downtime, patients can begin to resume their normal activities while they finish healing.

If the ‘before and after’ rhinoplasty photos of a favorite celebrity remind you about your own nasal issues, it might be time to speak to an experienced cosmetic surgeon.  Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery has been artfully performing rhinoplasty in the Houston area for over 20 years.  Take a minute to look over our actual patient’s ‘before and after’ rhinoplasty photos, if you like what you see, call our office to schedule your complementary consultation.