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Nip Tuck Your Way to the Top

Nip Tuck Your Way to the Top in HoustonWill cosmetic surgery advance your career? Could an aesthetic overhaul give you a professional overhaul as well? The answer might very well surprise you.

In an anonymous interview with O Magazine, a 55 year old office employee turned CEO talks about her physical transformation and the impact it had on her professional life. Her long-term career had gone stagnant, her marriage had just ended, and her self-esteem was a wreck. Anonymous decided it was time for a personal make-over and scheduled an appointment with her cosmetic surgeon. She started her journey with liposuction on her thighs, followed by breast implants, and then a tummy tuck. She was so pleased with her new slim, feminine body that she decided to move on to her face with a nose job, eye lift, forehead lift, lip filler, then a full face lift.

Anonymous knows this might seem like an obscene amount of work. She says the self-esteem and personal satisfaction made it all worth the time and expense, though. A new look, and a subsequent new attitude at work, gave her one additional change in her life that she had not planned for. She started receiving promotions at work. First came one, then another, and now Anonymous is the CEO of her company! She credits the cosmetic surgery for not only making people take notice of her, but for providing her with new poise and self-assurance. As Anonymous says, “I’m the same person I was before the surgeries but with my new confidence, new opportunities have flooded my life.”

Could such an investment provide greater overall success in your life? It is possible, since there might be more holding you back than you realize. It is time to look at that that procedure you have been considering – the straighter nose or reduced frown lines – as a way to get back your lost confidence and let your true personality shine through. Give Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery the chance to help you become the very best you can be – don’t wait any longer to call for your complementary consultation appointment.

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