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6 Points to Consider Before Traveling Abroad for Plastic Surgery

Traveling Abroad for Plastic SurgeryIf you are thinking about traveling outside of the U.S. for a cosmetic procedure, make sure you have all of the facts.  While the lower price tag of plastic surgery abroad can be very appealing, it is not the right decision for everyone.  Here are six points to consider, before purchasing your airplane ticket:

  • Total Cost
    While the listed surgery price may be cheaper than at home, once you factor in airfare, hotel costs, meals, and miscellaneous travel expenses, the total cost could well exceed what it would be in the U.S.
  • Safety and Recovery
    After surgery, you will have limited mobility and require lots of rest.  Traveling can be a hassle and actually prove dangerous.  Flying too soon, after receiving anesthesia, can put you at an increased risk for blood clots.  If you can’t actually afford to spend the appropriate recovery time out of the country, the surgery may not be a wise decision.
  • Follow-up Appointments
    A good cosmetic surgeon will always schedule follow-up appointment to check on the healing and progress of their patients.  If your doctor is out of the country, you will be on your own; your surgeon will not be around to answer any lingering questions or keep an eye out over your recovery period.
  • Reputation
    Look through before and after photos from your surgeon’s previous work, and listen to first-hand accounts from his patients.  This kind of information should always be available, even for a cosmetic surgeon in a different country, and you should be suspicious if you can’t access these facts.
  • Qualifications
    In the U.S., finding a board certified cosmetic surgeon is the first step towards positive results.  When you travel out of the country, standards are very different, both for physicians and surgical facilities.  Be wary of who you choose to alter your appearance, you want nothing less than a skilled surgeon with extensive experience for your operation.
  • Repeat procedures
    It is nice to think your surgery will be successful the first time around, but that is not always the case, even in the U.S.  If you end up being one of the unlucky patients who needs the extra attention of a follow-up procedure, will you be willing and able to go out of the country again?  Will your surgeon even be available for the additional operation?