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Blue Radiance Peel

Obagi Blue Peel, Houston TexasObagi Medical has long been known for its deep penetrating Obagi Blue Peel that is used to reduce dark brown spots, acne, scarring and deep lines.  Although the peel gives great results in just one treatment, it is also known for its long social downtime due to the blue tint it leaves on the skin for a couple of days, followed by 10 days of peeling.  The Obagi Blue Peel provides amazing results with brighter, more healthy skin however many patients are unable to accommodate the downtime.

That is why it’s so exciting to announce that Obagi Medical has recently introduced their newest peel, Blue Radiance, offering a much lighter peel to patients that want great skin but are willing to take it slow.  Obagi Blue Radiance uses a blend of salicylic, lactic and glycolic acids, as well as other ingredients to gently exfoliate the uppermost damaged layers of skin.  The Blue Radiance offers really nice results with little to no flaking and 92% of patients reported tighter, smoother, and brighter skin after just one treatment!

Since this treatment is more superficial, it takes more treatments to get the desired results.  Typically a series of 6 treatments is recommended and are performed every 3-4 weeks depending on the patients’ needs and skin tone.  Bottom line – if you are a patient who has acne, dark spots, fine lines, uneven texture and/or large pores, and you can’t take off from work or your busy social life, Blue Radiance may be a great choice for you.  Ask your aesthetician today and see how Blue Radiance can get you excited about your skin again!