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Pucker Up, It’s Time for a Lip Lift

Houston lip lift and augmentationIt’s no surprise: as we age, everything that can sag, will sag.  This goes for our breasts, our stomach, even our butts.  Over the years, the elasticity, the firmness, and the size of various parts will diminish.  There may be one area you are not anticipating though . . . the lips.

When we get older, especially as a woman, the lips begin to lose their fullness; they thin and lengthen.  The corners of the mouth begin to turn down, and without the sculpted volume in our lips, the face takes on a stern expression, and our soft, feminine profile is erased.  The narrowing of the upper lip can actually eliminate appropriate coverage of the front teeth!

If you look at photos of yourself, and notice these changes in your kisser, a Lip Lift may be just the procedure for you.  A Lip Lift, also known as lip shortening surgery, restores a youthful fullness to the lips.  The procedure involves removing a small piece of skin, right below the base of the nose.  This pulls the lip up, shortens the stretched out length, and gives back our pucker.  Lip symmetry can be adjusted by the amount of skin removed, getting rid of any cock-eyed smile we might have taken on.  Since the incision is made right at the crease below the nose, scarring is generally well hidden; there are no obvious traces that the procedure has been done.

To rejuvenate the mouth area, the Lip Lift can be used in conjunction with fillers, such as Juvederm or Restylane, which are great at plumping and removing lip lines.  A Lip Lift does more than perfect your pucker; the procedure is about achieving a total facial harmony, by restoring the mouth to its once youthful appearance.  Still relatively new, Lip Lifts are not offered by every cosmetic surgeon.  If you decide this surgery might be for you, carefully select your physician; make sure they have experience and skill in lip shortening procedures . . . and that’s not just lip service!