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Bro-tox: Botox Cosmetic for the Boys

Botox Cosmetic for men in HoustonDid you ever notice the girls seem to be getting all of the wrinkle reducing advice?  Is it just me or do you think it’s unfair that the ‘fine line’ reducing ads are focused on only the ladies?  Hey, the men want to look younger and more refreshed, too!  Those days of the weathered, rugged, hunk are over – 2012 is the year of the smooth, polished male.  And you know what is helping men bring out the best in their skin?  Bro-tox. “Botox Cosmetic for men”

Yes, I did say Bro-tox.  Botox Cosmetic for the boys.  The Botox Cosmetic injections work the same as it does for the ladies, temporarily blocking nerve impulses to targeted muscles between the eyes and on the forehead.  The procedure takes only a few minutes in our cosmetic surgeon’s office and has virtually no downtime.  You can be back to work that afternoon.  The results begin to show in about 5-10 days, but it takes about two weeks for the full effects to be delivered.

So are men really starting to take advantage of this procedure?  Absolutely – Botox Cosmetic was the most common minimally invasive aesthetic procedure for men in 2011, with over 300,000 procedures done.  Whether you work as a CEO or in construction, Botox Cosmetic can improve the way people relate to you at work.  The frown line between your eyes begins to get more prominent with age, making you look constantly worried or angry.  Removing this furrow between the brows gives the face a softer, more approachable look.  Your co-workers or girlfriend will never know what you had done, they will only notice your improved expression and, of course, your new self-confidence.

The skin care professionals at Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery will be happy to show you how Botox Cosmetic will work for you.  They can also give provide insight on the condition on your skin and ways to keep your face looking healthy and refreshed.  So to all my brothers from another mother – call about Bro-tox, today.