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Golden Glows at the Golden Globes

Golden Glows at the Golden GlobesOnce again, watching the Golden Globes was nothing short of dazzling; and in HD, it was almost as if you could feel the stars radiating beauty right from your couch.  The iridescent dresses, platinum hair, golden tans, sparkles aplenty, and sultry smooth skin lit up the red carpet like never before.  The preparations for this night took weeks, in some cases even months, ensuring every woman would look perfect.  What did your favorites do right – or wrong – preparing for their Globes?

Claire Danes was able to stopped traffic in her crimson Versace dress.  Looking glamorous, just like Hollywood royalty, no one would ever know Ms. Danes gave birth to a son less than a month ago.  Wonder if TV’s Homeland star has been taking advantage of the same Mommy Makeover and post-baby treatments we suspect Beyonce and Mariah Carey to have indulged in?  Utilizing a combination of Liposuction, tummy tuck, and breast lift, a Mommy Makeover could have been Claire’s secret for almost instantly regaining her pre-baby body.

Even with the flu, Jennifer Lawrence glowed with youthful, dewy skin, as she picked up her Golden Globe for best actress.  While that might seem simple for a 22 year old to accomplish, the Silverlining’s Playbook actress, takes great pride in the body she works hard for.  Jennifer always eats a healthy diet, abstains from smoking and drinking, and meticulously looks after her face with the best skin care products on the market.

Since it was the Golden Globes, we have to take just a minute to point out some of the most beautiful globes to walk down the red carpet!  These ladies really put their ‘Breast Foot’ forward; whether they can be attributed to a recent enhancement or a breast lift, ladies such as Amy Poehler, Jennifer Garner,and Big Bang Theory’s Kayle Cuoco, showed off their amazing assets in style.

After all this commotion for the Golden Globes, one thing is for sure, we are excited to have the chance repeat the fun again (maybe even bigger and better) at the Oscars next!