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Joan River’s Tune-Up

Joan River's Tune-UpLast week, the new season of Joan and Melissa premiered on the WE network.  The opener’s hook: Melissa’s ‘skintervention’ for her mother’s self-proclaimed 734th surgery.  Cosmetic procedures are no joke for Joan, who would not budge on her newest plan.  Close friends and co-workers attended the intervention and by the time it was over, Joan had talked everyone into getting their own cosmetic surgery – and she even offered to pay!

A major surprise on the show was Joan bearing all for the camera – all of her face that is.  Before her surgery, we see Joan without any make-up, and who knew, she actually looks very good.  For someone in their late 70’s, Joan has surprisingly beautiful skin and tight features.  Over the years, she has taken every chance to smooth, tuck, and lift whatever began to wrinkle or droop.  For her latest procedure, Joan decided to focus on the soft tissue below her chin.  While Melissa did not quite understand her mom’s motivations, Joan bluntly told her, “It’s time for a 10,000 mile tune-up on my neck.”

Unsightly skin below the chin can make a woman look years older.  As we age, the skin on the neck becomes loose, muscles become slack, and there is a build of fatty tissue.  A neck-lift actually consists of several different procedures; Botox to remove fine lines and wrinkles, liposuction to remove fatty tissue, or a surgical procedure remove sagging skin.  Done alone or combined with a face-lift, having a neck-lift can take years off a woman’s age.

While Joan may have had a few more cosmetic surgeries than the average person, it is refreshing to see a woman being so candid about her procedures, and how they bring out her best.  We can all take away something away from Joan River’s wisdom.  “My body is my temple, and my temple needs redecorating.” – who can argue with that!