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The Rewards of a Body Lift

The Rewards of a Body LiftThere are only a few moments that we can consider life altering – like graduating from college, having children, and getting married.  For some of us, though, there is another moment that can have a tremendous impact on our life, one that will alter the way we live for years to come – it is the decision to have a Body Lift.

One of the most powerful forces in the world is our self-esteem.  As we age, have children, and gain weight, we lose our once tight, sexy body.  We look in the mirror and wonder just who this is staring back at us.  Even if we can squeeze in time at the gym, even if we eat less fast-food, we still can’t lose enough weight to get our figures back.  We begin to doubt in our self, feel less beautiful, less worthy – our self-esteem becomes completely deflated.

A Body Lift has the ability to change everything:  to bring back that hour glass figure, to bring up our sagging buttocks, and to flatten out that muffin top.  By making an incision all the way around the waist, Dr. Vitenas is able to remove the extra, sagging skin from our midsection, through the hips, and across the lower back.  Buttocks are higher and tighter.  The tummy is no longer flabby.  There is a waistline again!

It may have been years since you were able to wear a pair of skinny blue jeans, but now these hug your booty and you have no ripple over the top of the pant.  Shirts no longer have to be loose around your midsection, tight cotton t-shirts only show off that flat stomach and supple back.  And swimsuits – well who even thought we’d use that word again!

The rewards of a body lift are more than skin deep.  Once we get our figure back, we gain back our self-esteem and self-confidence.  We look better and feel healthier.  Call Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery to discuss the body lift procedure and schedule your complementary consultation appointment.  Your life is waiting . . .