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Mouth parentheses? Smile lines? Soften with dermal filler- Radiesse

The corners of your mouth are in steady movement; causing aging, fine lines, and wrinkles to the lower face. Radiesse is a dermal filler that targets the lower face region with precision and restores lost volume by stimulating your body’s own natural collagen. Radiesse will instantly correct facial wrinkles by softening the crevasses, creating a more youthful appearance for any patient at any age going through the aging process. Treatment for patients takes only a few minutes and provides long-lasting results. Radiesse is a medium-term filler that typically lasts a year or more in many patients. For women and men who aren’t ready to say goodbye to their fuller, more youthful skin, inquire more with a board certified plastic surgeon for Radiesse wrinkle filler for a facial rejuvenation.