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Can Botox Cosmetic Cure Depression?

Botox Cosmetic Procedure HoustonWhat could be better than a five minute mood enhancer?  Could Botox Cosmetic really be the answer to our blues?  Recent research has shown some very positive results.  An intriguing pilot study was conducted by Dr. Eric Finzi, on a group of ten clinically depressed patients, who were not responding to treatment.  They were each given injections of botulinum toxin A, also known as Botox Cosmetic, on their frown lines and across the bridge of their nose.  After two months, nine out of the ten women were no longer depressed, and the tenth was showing an improved mental state.  While this study was small, and calls for further research, it does support what has been speculated for many years – Botox Cosmetic can make you feel better.

So just how did Botox Cosmetic make a difference for these ten patients?  The answer may be found in what is called the ‘facial feedback theory’, meaning someone’s pleasant facial expression can evoke a positive response from the people around them.  It is suggested that by removing their frown lines, the subjects looked happier and more refreshed.  Their content expression made others perceive them as more approachable and in turn, they were responded to in a friendlier manner.  We clearly know that how we are treated ultimately affects our mental state.

Treating frown lines between the eyebrows, crow’s feet, and even lipstick lines, Botox Cosmetic injections temporarily paralyze targeted muscles.  The injections take only about five minutes in the doctor’s office and there is no downtime involved.  You will start seeing results in five to seven days, but the maximum results take effect in about two weeks.  Then, in three to four months, it may be time to repeat the Botox Cosmetic injections for optimum results.

So can Botox Cosmetic cure depression?  While no one knows for sure, one thing seems to be certain, Botox Cosmetic can really lift your spirits and make you feel better about yourself.  Give us a call for your Botox appointment, and let Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery brighten up your day!