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Mesotherapy vs Lipodissolve

What is the difference between Mesotherapy and Lipodissolve?

Lipodissolve is body-sculpting by injection, targeting pockets of fat that do not respond easily to diet and exercise alone. It is a non-surgical alternative to Liposuction for the right candidate, but does not replace surgery for everyone. Often, Lipodissolve is confused with Mesotherapy, when in fact they are two different procedures. Mesotherapy has been used for 50 years in Europe medically and aesthetically, while in the U.S. Mesotherapy is mainly used aesthetically as a cellulite treatment. The skin is nicked with a very short needle, allowing the combination of ingredients to enter just the dermis and the top of the subcutaneous tissue, where fat cells and tough connective tissue contribute to dimpling of the skin. It is the only known permanent solution to cellulite. Other technology can only temporarily stretch connective tissues to give a short-lived smooth texture.