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Inside the Mind of a Botox Cosmetic Patient

Botox Cosmetic PatientYou may ask, “What is she thinking, when she gets her Botox Cosmetic every 4 months? She must be so vain. She is so conceited. I know she is just terrified of growing old.” You think so, really? While, yes, it is true that the average Botox Cosmetic user is a female, between the ages of 40-50, working full-time, and has children – but there is more to this picture than just what, literally, meets the eye. Inside the head of each and every Botox Cosmetic user there are many unspoken ideas and thoughts that bring us into each procedure. In our mind, there is no ‘average’ Botox Cosmetic user, there is no ‘estimated’ cost for each procedure, and there is no ‘anticipated outcome’ for a session; there is only a ‘me’, ‘my payment plan’, and ‘how I’ll look one next Tuesday’ on our mind. Take a minute to look inside the mind of the Botox Cosmetic user – and who knows, maybe you will find yourself in there, too!

Today’s Botox Cosmetic user is thinking:

  • Wow! I was only in the doctor’s office about 30 minutes.
  • In about five days, my partner will be telling me that I look rested and refreshed.
  • About a week from now, my co-workers will tell me I look healthier, and oh, I love it!
  • Goodbye frown lines.
  • Two weeks from now, I will be looking my very best – just in time for my reunion.
  • I hope no-one judges me; it does not make me shallow to want to look my best.
  • Mom, stop worrying that I am wasting my money! I am investing in myself – and still putting money away in my 401K.
  • I will not need to worry about another cosmetic surgeon appointment for at least 4-6 months – yea!
  • I love having my little, personal beauty secret!

Today’s Botox Cosmetic user can be anyone – at school, at work, on the bus . . . maybe it’s even you. If you are thinking about looking better, younger, more refreshed and renewed, call Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery and set up your visit. We will be waiting!