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The Best Oscar Nip/Tuck Goes To . . .

Of course we care about Best Sound Editing and Best Foreign Film.  But, admit it, what we have really been waiting to see is Hollywood’s best dressed, worst hair, and the biggest wardrobe malfunction!  That also means seeing who has had the best, or the worst, cosmetic surgery over the past year.

Best Male Smooth Forehead:  Billy Crystal
Billy’s smooth skin may look a little opaque, but without question Billy has scored a top notch cosmetic surgeon – the actor, who is over 60, has a wrinkle free complexion to be envied by all.

Best Actor to Reverse Ageing: Tom Cruise
Tom seems to be the real-life “Benjamin Buttons”, as he just keeps looking younger!  Every time he is on the red carpet, his body seems trimmer and his skin more flawless.  Kudos to Tom, who has obviously been visiting one of Beverly Hills most elite plastic surgeons.

Best Actress’ Use of Injectable Fillers: Gwyneth Paltrow
The gorgeous actress showed off her pristine complexion Sunday night.  At 38, she has likely benefited from a chemical peel and a bit of Juvederm.  Gwyneth sees only the best physicians, and it shows; her plastic surgery has been minimal and conservative – extremely well done.

Best Female Cosmetic Survey Wish Come True:  Octavia Spencer
A week before the Academy Awards, Ms. Spencer spoke to Parade Magazine and was asked what she wants most after the awards are over.  Octavia was quick to answer, “I am going to get my breasts lifted!  That’s going to be my first gift . . . I want my boobs where they were when I was 17.”  Now, with her Oscar in hand, Ms. Spencer can finally go get her breast lift.

The Academy Awards gave us a sea of fabulous cosmetic surgery work, mixed in with a few very botched, plastic surgery bumbles.  The biggest lesson we can learn from all this hoopla, always go see an experienced, board certified cosmetic surgeon, like you will find at Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery.  We promise, you’ll come out looking like a winner!