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J-Law: America’s Favorite Asymmetrical Academy Award Winner!

Jennifer Lawrence uneven breasts in HoustonJennifer Lawrence looked stunning on Oscar night, in her sleeveless ivory gown.  Even her trip on the Oscar’s stairs, going up for her golden trophy, couldn’t steal the spotlight away from her dazzling smile and her sincere appreciation for her fans.  It is almost easy to forget that just days before the Academy Awards, J-Law came clean to Jimmy Kimmel that her breasts are – gasp – uneven!  Although she was unaware of her physical irregularities, her recent chest x-ray during a bout with the flu, provided the undisputable evidence.

It turns out, Jennifer isn’t really alone in her asymmetry.  It’s actually quite common for women to have one breast smaller than the other; often they are not even aware of it.  Most of time, the disproportionateness can only be measured in millimeters.  Sometimes though, women will begin to have pain or discomfort that will lead them to discover the variation.  It is more of a rarity for the difference in breast size to be particularly noticeable to the eye.

So what causes this discrepancy between a woman’s assets?  Any number of things can be a contributing factor including genetics, poor posture, hormones, breast feeding, illness, and even the aging process.  Women often find an appropriately sized bra can eliminate any tenderness and irritation the lopsidedness may cause.  An experienced, board certified cosmetic surgeon can also even out the irregularity with a breast augmentation.  Implants come in a large variety of shapes and volumes, so a doctor can use a different size in each breast, giving proportion to the chest.

It was refreshing to see Jennifer joking about her misshapen breasts with Jimmy Kimmel; J-Law is able to show the world just how comfortable a woman can be in her own skin.  This Oscar winning actress knows that no one has a flawless body, and it is those little imperfections that make each woman uniquely beautiful.   J-Law is most definitely our favorite role model for women everywhere, no matter their shape or size or age.