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The Pros and Cons of a Body Lift

Pros and Cons of a Body LiftA Body Lift is a procedure that shapes and tones the abdomen, buttocks, upper legs, back.  Excess skin and sagging fatty tissue are removed, which is often a problem after an extreme weight loss.  The procedure can restore a body to a more youthful, slimmer shape.  Before deciding on any major surgical procedure, though, it is best to gather as much information as possible.  Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery is here to make your decision a little easier by presenting the pros and cons of the Body Lift procedure:


  • The removal of excess skin and saggy fatty tissue making, giving you a firm, trim body.
  • Improved health, at times even reducing the need for some medications.
  • More energy and stamina, when you are no longer carrying around extra weight and skin.
  • The elimination of persistent rashes and skin infections that can come from the rubbing, and in the folds, of excess tissue.
  • The emotional benefit and self-esteem that comes from regaining the physical appearance you want.


  • Since a body lift is a major surgery, you will spend a day in the hospital, and then slowly recover over the next few weeks at home.
  • For the first several days after surgery, you may need assistance in preparing meals and your daily duties.
  • There is sometimes a significant amount of discomfort after a Body Lift, but a good physician will keep you comfortable with medications to assist with your pain management.
  • While minimal, a Body Lift holds the risks associated with any major surgery, such as blood loss, scarring, and problems with anesthesia.
  • A Body Lift must be performed by a qualified and experienced plastic surgeon or the risk for complication can increase dramatically.

Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery offers you a complementary Body Lift consultation appointment; providing a chance to meet the physician and ask any questions you may have.  Take a few minutes to give our office a call, talk to one our knowledgeable staff members, and get started on your life altering journey.