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Is Cosmetic Surgery Going to the Dogs?

Cosmetic Surgery Going to the Dogs HoustonTwo years ago, Junior, then a three year old Bloodhound, had his first cosmetic surgery – a facelift!  While the saggy skin around the face is a characteristic feature of the hound dog breed, Junior’s loose tissue was excessive, closing his eyes and threatening to blind him.   His owner, Denise Smart, said the decision to go forward with the procedure was not cosmetic, the veterinarian suggested the removal and tightening of facial tissue as a way to save Junior’s sight.  And it worked beautifully!

Early in 2012, though, Junior went under the knife again.  This time for a canine tummy tuck, removing pounds of skin from his belly.  About a year ago, Junior had developed a large growth on his stomach, which the vet safely removed.  This is where the problem arose; the normally baggy skin on the bloodhound was even softer and more voluminous than before.  The weight of the extra abdominal skin caused infection, and pulled on his surgical scars.  Denise never thought twice, a tummy tuck was just what Junior needed to make his belly smooth, flat, and healthy.  The same vet was happy to do the cosmetic procedure, and now Junior is allowed to enjoy his life a little bit more.

Denise did say she was grateful she had pet insurance from the start, which helped cover her costs, “Procedures like this aren’t cheap.  But everything has been worth it.”  For years, Junior had never even bothered the normal ‘thieving’ ways of a classic bloodhound, stealing and hiding his owner’s socks or keys.  Now, he is feeling like a champ – hiding things like Denise’s cell phone and even computer mouse.  Junior has become a bit of a pain, in the wonderful way he is supposed to be, and his owners say he is just beautiful!

There is no question that cosmetic surgery has the ability to change lives, be it for a human or a dog.  Always consult with a board certified plastic surgeon, before considering any type of cosmetic surgery for yourself. Unfortunately, Dr. Vitenas only treats humans but we thought you would find the information interesting…