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Get the “Red Carpet Glow” in four weeks for Your Special Event

Patients want to look refreshed but not drastically different for special events. A 4 week plan instilled promotes skin rejuvenation to boost appearance safely, leaves time to address any sudden complications, and transform dull skin to glowing skin in a short amount of time. Four weeks out: Microdermabrasion – this gentle resurfacing brightens skin and stimulates collagen. Get on a course of one microdermabrasion treatment a week to target cell turn over and any unevenness of epidermis. Three weeks out: Dermal fillers- targeted to address any deep lines around mouth, eyes, or forehead. Radiesse and Juvederm are two similar yet very different fillers, and its best to consult with your cosmetic surgeon to know which filler works best for you in a given area. Two weeks out: Botox or Dysport- these injectables are great for relaxing facial muscles and smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles. It takes 7 days before the neurotoxins to take full effect and leaves time for any touch ups. One week out: Peel- a light peel like a glycolic or AHA peel is the final step to give your skin the glow factor. A light based peel such as these brightens, lightens, and tightens the pores and rounds out the 4 week process to flawless skin. You will see a transformation each step during this week and your attitude, morale, and excitement will have you ready for your special day.