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A true “Winning” Combination for Sheen

Seeing how Charlie looks lately, it seems that he could use some help from some cosmetic plastic surgery, in addition to that of a mental health professional. Since his social popularity/hate in combination with the media frenzy whirlwind, Charlie looks to have aged significantly. This could mostly be in part of poor life decisions, stress, drug abuse, lack of sleep in amalgamation with the natural aging process. Cosmetically he has lost noticeable amounts of volume in his face as well has protruding bags under his eyes; either Sheen needs to stop talking and start sleeping or get some fat grafts and fillers like Juvederm or Radiesse placed in his face. Sheen could also use eyelid surgery also known as Blepharoplasty to take care of his sags and bags under his eyes. A viable amount of Botox would definitely help eliminate the continuously worried look in his face caused by the “finger 11s” between his eyebrows, as well to relax the lines across his forehead. The last combination of treatments that should be recommended cosmetically by a board certified plastic surgeon would be some chemical peels or laser resurfacing with treatments such as Fraxel, Titan, or Vitalize Peel. Before embarking on any plastic surgery, Sheen may want to visit a mental health professional first to get his mental health in order, then focus on his cosmetic appearance. Part of Charlie Sheen’s winning strategy is to maintain his looks and appearance.