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Plastic Surgery for the Kardashian Bunch?

Kim, Kourtney, Chloe and Kris Kardashain are well known Hollywood celebs with constant attention from the media. The Kardashian girls are so strikingly beautiful, the question on everyone’s minds is: have they had work done?

In a recent family interview on ABC, the group took a stance and cleared the air once and for all. Kim admitted to Botox injections, but claims her body is real…no augmentation on her buttocks, or chest. She also believes in weekly facials and has a strict regime in her daily routine for skincare. Mother of Kim, Kris, is the other Botox junkie. She believes the Botox is great for ant-aging, yet keeps her looking younger and feeling natural. Sister Kourtney, only admitted to a breast augmentation that she is very proud of and did not address having any Botox injections.

The Kardashian family will continue to be in the media as will Botox be a part of their not so secret ‘beauty secret.’ They are truly beautiful and like most woman; are taking minimal but cosmetic strides to keep them looking great and feeling younger.