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When Smaller is Better: Top 6 Reasons for a Breast Reduction

Reasons for a Breast ReductionBreast augmentation is consistently the number one cosmetic surgery procedure in the United States.  Beautiful breasts can make a woman feel attractive, make our clothes fit better, and boost one’s self-confidence.  Some women, though, have an uncomfortably large chest.  They spend month after month dealing with the negative effects of heavy, cumbersome breasts.

Every year, thousands of these women opt to bring the size of their breasts down, through a breast reduction surgery, or Mammaplasty, drastically improving their daily lives.  Breast reduction surgery will raise the breasts and remove the extra tissue; making the chest proportionate to a woman’s body type, and relieving discomfort from the heavy tissue.

The top 6 reasons that women choose breast reduction are:

  1. Back Pain
    The weight of the breasts can cause excruciating pain on the lower vertebrae.
  2. Painful Bra Strap Grooves
    The elastic straps can dig into the skin, as they hold up the heavy tissue.
  3. Breathing Problems
    Large breasts can put a considerable amount of weight on the ribs and chest, putting pressure on the diaphragm and lungs.
  4. Poor Posture
    Large breasts cause a reduction in the normal curvature of the upper and middle back; resulting in shoulders rolling forward and slumping.
  5. Discomfort with Exercise or Strenuous Activity
    During vigorous activity, the breasts will move with such intensity that there is an increased strain on the supporting tissue and the back muscles.
  6. Unhappy With Physical Appearance
    Large breasts can make a woman self-conscious, as eyes often focus on her chest, and it may be hard to find clothing that fits appropriately.

Every woman’s body is unique and no two mammaplasty procedures are ever the same.  When considering a procedure, look for a doctor that has years of experience in breast reduction and is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.  Dr. Paul Vitenas has been artfully performing breast reduction surgery in the Houston area for the past 20 years.  Set up your consultation appointment to have your questions answered, as well as to see some amazing before and after success stories.