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6 Cosmetic Surgery Myths

Myths of Cosmetic Surgery Houston

Myth: Plastic surgery is only for the rich and famous.
Reality: Most cosmetic patients are average people who are seeking to restore their self-confidence and enhance their appearance. Non-famous, yet extra special, patients travel from near and far to see Dr. Vitenas; places like Villard, Minnesota, as well as Jacksonville, Florida and Jacksonville, Arkansas.

Myth: Men can solve the problem of large breasts simply by losing weight.
Reality: Gynecomastia can be caused by genetics, hormones, disease, medications, and weight gain. A male breast reduction may be needed to restore the natural appearance of the chest. Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery offers complementary consultations for Gynecomastia, as well as other procedures you may be considering. Clients in Columbia – Missouri, South Carolina, and Maryland – as well as both Jackson, Mississippi and Alabama, have all used this service.

Myth: Getting Botox Cosmetic means you are afraid of growing old.
Reality: Women and men in their mid-20s are opting for Botox Cosmetic, as a way to slow the pending signs of aging. Mature patients use the wrinkle remover to age gracefully, not fight the years; just ask our friends from Chicago, Illinois; and Florida’s Tallahassee and Titusville.

Myth: Always shop for the cheapest prices on cosmetic surgery and treatments.
Reality: Cut rate prices for cosmetic procedures are a red flag! Even if you have to pay a little more, make sure your cosmetic surgeon is board certified, experienced, and reputable. Folks in Burbank, Stockton, and San Francisco, California seek out only the best in cosmetic surgery, so they happily travel to Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery.

Myth: Plastic surgeons can make anything happen.
Reality: Your plastic surgeon is a doctor, not a magician; there are limits to what they can accomplish. Dr. Vitenas will go over what kind of reasonable results you can expect, during your consultation appointment. Women from New York City; Miami Beach, Florida; Barrow and Anchorage, Alaska all used email and Skype during an out of town consult with Dr. Vitenas.

Myth: Cost is a major barrier for cosmetic surgery.
Reality: There is no need to have all cash up front for a surgical procedure; there are many different payment options. Patients from Clide Hill, Washington and Atlanta, Georgia have taken advantage of Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery‘s payment choices: cash, credit, cashier’s check, and online, pre-approved healthcare financing through CareCredit.