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FDA Approves A New Silicone Implant

FDA Approves A New Silicone ImplantOn March 9, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) gave the final seal of approval on a new silicone breast implant, manufactured by the California company, Sientra.  This implant makes the third silicone implant on the market today, alongside the Allergan and Johnson & Johnson implants already in use.  While it may be a while before cosmetic surgeons formulate an opinion on Sientra’s new product, the most important idea behind the FDA’s recent approval is that silicone breast implants are safe, trustworthy, and beautiful for almost any woman.

It is no longer necessary to cringe at the idea of silicone implants, which were banned in 1992 after the suggestion of possible health risks resulting from leaks and ruptures.  After fourteen years of extensive studies, scientists were able to rule out any potential health risks, and silicone implants were re-approved for use in 2006.  Over six post-approval studies have already been completed with positive results, and the FDA again confirmed their findings with a new update on saline implant safety in June of 2011.

Today’s silicone implants are now in their fifth generation and hold some significant benefits over saline.  This type of implant, filled with a cohesive gel, can result in a fuller and more organic looking breast, without the risk of any ‘rippling’ effects.  Silicone implants have a soft, natural feel versus the firmer, rounder breasts associated with saline implants.

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