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Planning your next Botox Party

A Botox Party is a comfortable way for a group of women to get Botox injections together. It also is a new trend for pre- bridal parties, mid-day socializing before common events, and family beauty bonding. There are four basic steps to take before planning or throwing your first Botox party for all of your highly fabulous girlfriends.

First, you want to find a local and reputable practice with certified injectors. Many medical spas offer this service but researching an established practice is a main step.  Second, you want to plan your party at the trustworthy practice you choose. Most practices will allow you to book a private event at their establishment, but check with the facility and see what they offer. Also team up with their practice for tips and advice sometimes there is perks for the host. Next, choose your party attendees and  send out invitations at least 3 weeks prior. It is always good to include information about the professional practice that will be performing the treatments. Make sure to list all of the procedures that will be available at your party. The last and final step to plan your party is to complete with goodies such as: appetizers, wine, drawings to win beauty products (you may want to work with staff that will be coming to your party for some free giveaways)

There is no mystery about it; Botox is the ultimate quick fix: it’s a fast, painless, and effective way to get rid of wrinkles for a while. Throwing a Botox party is a growing trend that you and your friends will love to attend and be a part of.