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Dina Manzo’s Big News: Smaller Breasts

Houston Smaller BreastsDina Manzo, star of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, recently underwent a breast reduction. That’s right, in a world where bigger is often considered better, the 37 year old reality show star, has gone smaller.

According to the latest edition of Life & Style Weekly, Dina made the decision to reduce her breast size after suffering through years of serious back pain. Over a decade ago, Dina went under the knife for her first breast surgery.  Since that time, her size 32DD breasts have caused backaches, shoulder pain, and even migraines. After years of aching shoulders, neck throbbing, and lower back pain, Dina decided to return to a size 32C bust.

With her commitment to family and career, Dina knew she could no longer let her large breasts slow her down. This is a decision many women are faced with, as they get older and their chest & back begins to take a physical toll. The larger the breast, the more risk for sagging and pulling, especially as a woman ages.

During a breast reduction, the surgeon will remove the extra breast tissue and reshape the breast. The extra weight and pressure on a woman’s back is removed, alleviating the stress on their shoulders. Not only do woman feel better physically, they can also feel more confident in their clothes. The surgery puts an end to ill-fitting tops and bathing suits, giving a woman the bust size most suited to her frame.

Dina posted photos of her before and after silhouette, and she is just as stunning as ever. She is extremely pleased with her decision to have a breast reduction, “Everyone says I look the way I should now, I’m proportional!” The breast reduction was a life changing surgery for Dina, who looks great and feels better than she has in years. Her opinion on more cosmetic surgery in the future? Dina is not shy about her openness for more work, “When something falls and needs to be lifted, it will be lifted,” she says. “I can promise you that.”