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3 Breast Augmentation Trends

Last month the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) surveyed their member surgeons to get an idea about current trends in breast augmentation. Most of the answers they received are not at surprising, with one big exception.

The preference for natural looking results continues for the vast majority of plastic surgeons and their patients. At the Vitenas Cosmetic Institute, we specialize in the fine art of natural cosmetic surgery with most cases implementing the implant underneath the muscle. ASAPS reports that more than 60% of surgeons place the implants under the chest muscle as well rather than on top of the muscle, again aiming for a natural slope to the chest wall. Each patient is very different and unique so it is important to find a surgeon that customizes your cosmetic journey to best fit your needs and health aesthetically.

Second, an overwhelming majority of ASAPS plastic surgeons prefer round implants as opposed to teardrop shaped implants which were a former big trend. The main reason for the preference is because the teardrop shaped implants have a higher complication rater of rotating inside the breast capsule. Obviously, anatomical implants would look funny upside down, whereas round keep shape and natural anatomy gives the implant a natural tear drop. When board certified plastic surgeons place round implants in correlation with under the muscle implementation a very natural, yet full result is achieved.

The big surprise, at least to me, is how many plastic surgeons and their patients continue to choose saline-filled implants. At the Vitenas Cosmetic Center we mostly use silicone implants. This falls to our motto of “the fine art of natural cosmetic surgery,” saline implants have a high leak rate over time,  not as natural of feel, and a stiffer look than what the silicone implants provide. The ASAPS survey showed that 60% of their members are still using saline implants, with a huge majority of those selecting saline implants for first time patients. This is the big exception that our practice does not seem to fall in line with, and the ASAPS was also surprised about.

The best bet before embarking on your plastic surgery passage is to research and find a board certified plastic surgeon. It is important to do internet research but be aware of hearsay trends and false advertising. The best bet for your mind and body is to set up a consultation and surgery at a reputable practice to have the confidence boosting procedure such as a breast augmentation.