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Cosmetic Surgery is No Longer Just for Girls

Cosmetic Surgery for men in HoustonWeight lifting and fitness have been a major influence in many men’s lives since the advent of gyms, fitness videos and movies featuring the likes of Jake Gyllenhaal, Hugh Jackman, Mario Lopez, Matthew McConaughey, Daniel Craig and others. And even those who don’t particularly want to put in the time do have a solution – body sculpting, which at its most extreme sees the body surgically altered to give the appearance of firmly toned muscles without actually having to spend ten hours in the gym every week.

That may have once been considered extreme, but not anymore. As the Miami Herald reports, upwards of 10% of cosmetic surgery procedures were performed on men in 2011, and this figure is set to rise for 2012.Already, surgeons are noting that there are more and more men seeking both minimally invasive procedures and full-blown cosmetic surgery now that the lives of the rich and famous have blown the taboos surrounding male plastic surgery.

According to surgeons interviewed by the MiamiHerald, there are several reasons for men taking the plunge and going under the knife:

  • Pressure from a significant other
  • Competition from younger colleagues in the workplace
  • A life change such as divorce

Not surprisingly, alongside the usual facial surgery (including Botox and other fillers), procedures to remove excess fat and skin rate highly. For example, gynecomastia to remove excess breast tissue and liposuction are particularly popular among men.This last has taken a new twist with something called “high definition liposuction”. This is a form of surgery in which the fat is melted and the skin contracted to give the impression of six-pack abs sculpted under the skin.

However, at the other end of the scale, simply having a tummy tuck to remove excess skin due to weight loss or a bit of eyelid surgery to remove bags under the eyes are both becoming more common in men as well.

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