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Use It, Don’t Lose It – The Art of Fat Transfer

The Art of Fat Transfer HoustonEveryone talks about losing fat: through exercise, liposuction, or body contouring. Well how about making your body more beautiful by ADDING fat? Not to add on weight, but to add volume, giving your face and body a more youthful appearance. That’s right; use that excess fat instead of just losing it!

Fat transfers have been gaining more attention in recent years, but cosmetic surgeons have actually been performing these procedures for decades.  During the 1980’s, doctors perfected the use of fat transfers for cosmetic purposes by using a patient’s own fatty tissue, after a liposuction procedure, to provide volume and definition to the face and body.  Since that time, plastic and cosmetic surgeons have been improving fat transfer techniques, to safely provide dramatic results for their patients.

To perform a fat transfer, fat cells are removed from the body either by syringe or during a liposuction procedure, using a cannula. The delicate fat is then prepared for re-introduction into the body, by removing any blood and unwanted substances, and then injected into the desired area with a syringe. Fat can also be removed by surgically cutting small strips from the donor area and placing the fat tissue at the recipient site through a small incision.

The fatty tissue provides one of the safest and most well-tolerated fillers available. Using your body’s own cells, results are amazing, extremely natural looking, and last for a very long time.  Fat tissue is extremely effective for changing body contour, creating curvaceous buttocks, enlarging breasts, revising scars, and rejuvenating aged hands. The face can have some of the biggest benefits, as the fat injections can volumize the sunken areas below the eyes, fill in ‘laugh lines’ around the mouth, deep facial lines, plump the lips, and augment cheeks.

Dr. Paul Vitenas, Houston’s top plastic surgeon, has been performing fat transfers for over 20 years. He combines cutting-edge techniques with natural artistry and skill, to bring out the natural beauty in your face, skin, and body. Call Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery for more information on these incredible procedures.