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Now Cosmetic Surgery can move fat to where you want to go

The thought of swapping the fat from your love handles, stomach or thighs to your bust line for more volume and shape sounds like a woman’s ultimate fantasy, and now plastic surgeons like Dr. Vitenas are making it a reality. The procedure called a fat transfer actually liposuctions fat from jiggly areas like the stomach or thighs, then is processed and re-injected into breast tissue. This type of procedure has been talked about and experimented with for years in different areas of the body, but has seen as a recent resurgence due to public interest in more natural breast enlargement options.

Breast augmentation with implants is very well known, and is a great procedure to give shape and fullness, but not all women are comfortable with the idea of an implant apart of their body. A great alternative method that can be done singularly or in combination with a silicone breast augmentation is the technique of fat grafting. Breast enlargement by reshaping of the breast to create a long-lasting and natural result with the fat is the ultimate goal with this technique. What woman would not want to have fat moved from their waist or thighs to their breasts? A fat transfer is a safe and viable method to use by a board certified plastic surgeon that has experience using this technique.

Dr. Vitenas will perform this method in a variety of ways to customize an individualized plan for your cosmetic goal. In the breast region he can use the fat grafting as an alternative to implants instead of augmentation or to disguise the edges or rippling of pre-existing saline implants from a previous surgery. Do not think fat grafting is limited to the breast region; it also has become very popular to transfer fat to the face. When the transfer is placed in the face strategically the patent has longer lasting results than using dermal fillers because your fat is a natural product of the body.

The best option is to come into our office to have a cosmetic consult to review what the best option for you regarding fat transfer. Dr. Vitenas will go over in detail the full process and will help you meet your cosmetic goals in a relatively short recovery period. With summer right around the corner, it is a great way to trim some stubborn body fat to an area you want the volume and be beach ready in no time .