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Picking the right size breast implant for you

There is a very real reason why the issue of breast implant size causes a great deal of apprehension for many women considering this procedure. The results of this surgery are noticeable to their family, friends, and coworkers and many women have a difficult time psychologically dealing with the potential impact of their new breasts. Some will opt for a breast implant size which is too small for their liking purely to minimize the impact on the people they know best.

The interesting thing about this issue is that the number one reason women go back for post-op surgeries is typically to have a larger sized breast implant replacement. As a result, a mistaken choice in breast implant size is the most common reason for patient dissatisfaction with the surgery in the initial stage.

It is important that during your first consultation at Dr. Vitenas office, make sure at the beginning to express your cosmetic goals. It is vital to communicate your vision from the start so your surgeon can create a customizable plan to best suit you. After the conversation, you will try on various sizers to help give a visual and feel to what your implants will appear like post-surgery. Trying on various breast implant sizes will allow you to experience the effects of multiple breast implant sizes before your surgery. To reduce your anxiety about breast implant size trying on various sizers before you make your decision on breast implants is the best way to build confidence and book your surgery.

While your consultation is not quite as difficult as going to the dentist, there is a high anxiety related in visiting any doctor. Bringing a hand written list of questions often times will calm your anxiety about any concerns you may have before surgery. Scheduling your first consultation with Dr. Vitenas will bring you one step closer to making the big leap and picking which size is right for you.