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2012: The Year of the ‘Chinplant’

Houston chin implant augmentationChin implants, or ‘chinplants’, have taken the cosmetic surgery world by storm. They have become the fastest growing cosmetic surgery procedure, soaring by 71%, even surpassing the growth of popular procedures such as breast augmentation. Nearly 21,000 Americans with small, underdeveloped, or recessed chins opted for the procedure in the last year alone. The biggest jump has been in people over the age of 40, who are starting to get loose skin at the jaw line and see that a chin implant can make immediate improvements.

Cosmetic / Plastic Surgeons say the boost in ‘chinplant’ procedures was likely prompted by the rising use of video chatting, Facebook, and IPhone applications such as Face Time. People using these applications are repeatedly bothered by how they see themselves looking, which has in turn created an increase in cosmetic surgeon visits.

Studies have shown that a strong chin is equated with leadership and strength. Former Presidents Clinton and Ford, as well as President Obama, all have strong chins. A 2007 study of the CEOs of Fortune 500 companies showed that 90% of chief executives had chins stronger than the average U.S. population’s. Knowing this, people are beginning to feel that getting a stronger, more defined chin will translate into more success at work and in relationships for themselves, as well.

A chin implant is a relatively simple procedure. A small incision is made over the chin and then a small, rubber insert is put in place. Scarring is extremely minimal, there are few risks, and recovery time consists of only a few days. Best of all, the procedure is reversible, although patients are generally so pleased with their results that a revision is rarely necessary.

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