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The Importance of the Consultation Phase of the Facelift

Consultation Phase of the Facelift in HoustonThe three main reasons that patients choose one surgeon over another are the experience of the team, the level of care offered to patients, and the comfort and safety of the surgery center. All of this can be evaluated at the initial consultation, which makes it very important to both the surgeon and the patient.However, some patients arrive with little knowledge of surgical procedures or their suitability for surgery, particularly when it comes to the facelift.

While it is true that most healthy people are suitable candidates for the facelift, expectations about the outcome can be unrealistic. Furthermore, they may not be aware how certain aspects of their lifestyle can have a bearing on the success of the procedure or even what the most appropriate procedures are for them. That’s why many doctors, Dr. Vitenas included, offer free consultations for anyone considering a facelift. Being a commitment-free, no-obligation consultation, prospective patients can find out if they are good candidates for a facelift without spending any money.

They can also find out whether there are any aspects of their lifestyle that they should change in order to improve their suitability for a facelift. This can be important for those who plan to change their lifestyle, losing weight for example, as a precursor to plastic surgery.

Of course, honesty has to be the best policy – from both parties. Patients should remember that not only is the quality of advice that they will receive linked to their openness about their lifestyle and plans, but also that surgeons are bound by the same confidentiality as any other medical practitioners.

The benefit of this kind of consultation is that it will open new opportunities, alleviate any fears, and prepare the prospective patient for what is one of the biggest decisions they will ever make. After all, we’re all sensitive about the way we look, so why not make the best of it?

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