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Pamper Mom for Mother’s Day

Houston Pamper Mom for Mother’s DayPerfume, dinner reservations, and flowers – all the stand by presents for mom. This year, why not surprise her with a gift as special as she is? Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery has a wide range of Mother’s Day ideas, and there is something for every type of mom.

The Soccer Mom
Soccer moms spend a lot of time outside and their skin could use some pampering. Why not treat her to some Obagi skincare products? All Obagi products use the Penetrating Therapeutics technology, can minimize premature aging, reduce skin damage, and protect against sun damage. She can protect her skin and feel revitalized.

The Super Mom
The super mom is everywhere, doing everything, for everyone. Over the years, the results of childbearing, weight gain, and aging can take their toll, though. The perfect gift for her: a Mommy Make-Over. Tightening of the tummy, lifting of the buttocks, and removal of the love-handles will give her back the body she deserves.

The New Mom
New moms need to be indulged, so they can feel relaxed, refreshed, and recharged. The ideal gift for her – a Microdermabrasion treatment to instantly renew her skin. The procedure will remove dead skin cells, revealing a softer, smoother, and more radiant complexion. She will leave the office feeling energized and renewed.

The Empty Nest Mom
Once all the children have left home, the Empty Nest mom can finally focus on herself. How about setting her up with some Botox Cosmetic, to rid her of that hard earned frown line and forehead creases? A few injections and she will look years younger – ready to tackle her new world.

The #1 Grandma
Who spoils us more than grandma? Well, it’s time to spoil her back with her the benefits of a Neck Lift. The procedure can take years off Grandma’s appearance by removing the ‘crepe paper’ skin on the neck and below the chin. This present will definitely move you up to the favorite grandchild!

Lucky for us there are many types of moms in the world – a special one for each of us.

Happy Mother’s Day from Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery!