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PSP for Skin Restoration

Skin Restoration in HoustonOver the years our skin begins to show signs of aging. We go from trying to reduce or control acne in our teens to maintaining a youthful appearance through our adult life. As an adult, we are all using skin care to do one thing…restore our skin to its past glory days. However what most do not realize is that a vast majority of the products that are being slathered all over the skin do not carry the ability to effectively restore the skin.

Swiss Pharmaceutical Skin Care Company, NeoCutis, has created one of the most, if not simply the most advanced, biotechnology used in the pharmaceutical skin care market today. NeoCutis has developed a revolutionary skin care line built around its foundation of PSP, (Processed Skin Cell Proteins). PSP was discovered through many years of medical research initially intended for wound healing and burn treatments. PSP is a precise combination of proteins that include Human Growth Factors, Cytokines, and Interleukins that possess the ability to repair and rejuvenate the skin and its underlying tissues and functions. The key issue to remember is that the PSP has the ability to change the underlying tissues and their functions. From wound healing to anti-aging, NeoCutis possesses unparalleled innovation in the Pharmaceutical skin care market.

The Aestheticians and staff at Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery would love to share more about the skin transformations you can experience with the use of the NeoCutis products. Call today for schedule your complimentary skin evaluation and get on a path to true skin rejuvenation.