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Change the way you feel in your own body with Body Lift Cosmetic Surgery

Individuals who have lost a dramatic amount of weight through gastric bypass, diet and exercise, or post pregnancy may have excess loose skin on their body. Even though they have lost a substantial amount of weight; these people may still find it difficult to fit into the smaller clothes they want to wear, find that the excess skin causes chafing/discomfort, or still suffer self-esteem issues body related.  Cosmetic body lift surgery post-weight loss helps patients achieve the look they desire through advanced techniques to contour arms, thighs, buttocks, stomach and other areas.

Full body lift surgery at is the most effective way to remove excess skin from the body and achieve a sleeker, more toned appearance after dramatic weight loss. Dr. Vitenas has extensive experience in body lift techniques to help ensure a successful outcome. The result of the surgery is a slimmer, firmer, more contoured body.

Patients who are interested in this type of procedure must meet for an initial evaluation to determine if they are qualified for the body lift surgery. Ideal candidates are individuals who have undergone bariatric surgery, had a baby or lost a lot of weight from diet/exercise and are bothered by excess/loose skin on many areas of their body. It is important to express your goals for a body lift surgery to Dr. Vitenas to make sure to maintain reasonable expectations. If you are a candidate Dr. Vitenas will then review the entire body lift procedure in detail and answer any questions or concerns the patient may have.

Depending on the patient’s ultimate cosmetic goals, total body lift contouring can be customized to each patient to address excess skin and fat on the arms, hips, thighs, butt, and breasts, and other areas on the body for a totally new figure. During the body lift procedure Dr. Vitenasdoes not have a defined outline, he defines the outline specifically for each patient because customization is key.  Then, the surgeon suctions out extra fat and pulls the muscles together for a more contoured appearance. Next, the skin is pulled taut and excess skin is removed. To complete the body lift, the incisions are sutured shut and the patient is fitted with a compression garment to facilitate healing.

Body lift surgery can be combined with abdominoplastybreast lift, buttock augmentation, facelift surgery, or any of the other cosmetic surgery procedures we offer for a complete body makeover. Contact our cosmetic surgery practice to learn more about body lift surgery.